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Our Story


In 2010, our founder Tim Angel pursued his next big idea: creating an iPad case that would drastically enhance every iPad user’s experience - a case that would allow them to unlock the possibilities of their iPad’s full potential. What we didn’t know was that achieving best-in-industry stability (at every viewing angle) and finding the perfect balance between function and a sleek aesthetic would involve years of tireless challenges, roadblocks to overcome, and a whole lot of perseverance.

We’re proud of the journey it took to get here and know that our relentless drive to improve is evident in the product we deliver to our customers today. We’ve spent more than a decade rigorously testing cases, pursuing perfection for every generation, and refining an iPad case that is vastly more functional, supportive, and sophisticated for our ever-evolving world. So whether you’re working, cooking, exercising, or playing with the kids, you’d know that a Zugu case keeps your iPad safe and makes it even more functional than before.

We’re thinkers. We’re inventors.

We’re here to take you and your iPad to the next level.

We’re Zugu.


Our commitment

At Zugu, we build cases for people, but we also build cases for the greater good. That’s why we’ve partnered with Children International, a humanitarian organization focused on helping kids around the world learn the skills needed to break free from poverty.

Over the past two years, our investment efforts totaled more than $500,000. This allowed for the construction of a community center in Colombia as well as more than 200 scholarships that were awarded to students for continued education.